Apartment Therapy Style Cure Begins…

As a teacher you would think that with the whole summer “off” I would get a lot accomplished. It is always amazing to me how the time flies by and, with “only” two more weeks before school begins again, so few of the things that I wanted to do are still not done. At the start of August I thought that it might be fun to participate in Apartment Therapy’s Style Cure. But then I went away on holiday and missed many of the daily activities so this is my first chance to spend some time catching up.

Day 1 of The Style Cure began with an interview:


Questions 1 and 2 were designed to help develop an understanding of my style. My responses were a little eclectic but tended toward the modern, fun and intellectual. There was a definite sense of the offbeat and not conforming to a particular genre or pre-conceived notion but also funky, multi-purpose and simple. Would you agree? Have I interpreted my responses correctly?

Questions 3 and 5 supposedly elicited what I found beautiful. My favourite spaces from all the homes that I have lived in are bright, airy, breezy and functional with a lot of space around the furniture. Not surprisingly, my favourite spaces on my recent trips to Georgian Bay had the same feel with the addition of a great view of natural spaces. The room that I have opted to redecorate is currently quite dark so making it more appealing to me should be an interesting exercise!

Questions 4 and 6 are about my aspirations for the space I am hoping that my dining room can become a welcoming and inviting space where people want to stay and talk. I think that more comfortable chairs will definitely be in order to achieve this!

I’m curious to see how this all develops and what others do with their spaces. The plan is to have this room redecorated by Labour Day.

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