Feeling like a Student Again

Although I have been working in schools for the past 17 years, I have not been a student in the an educational institution since 1994. With ds106 I feel like I am constantly playing “catch-up”. I don’t recall feeling this when I was a student. I wonder if I am just “out of practice” or if this is how my students feel? Yikes!

Regardless, I have decided to finally start trying out the different assignments. It was easy to find my own bad picture to add helvetica text to… a la Visual Assignment 65. I altered the photo in iPhoto and added the text in Pages. It’s nothing tricky but it’s an effect that I’d like to use for other purposes.

This might be a fun assignment for kids at school as a response to reading – either fiction or non-fiction. I think that this could work at almost any grade level. Even our grade 1 students can import photos into a template and add text…

2 thoughts on “Feeling like a Student Again

  1. I hear you with the catch up, and I kind feel that a student’s life in this day and age must be hell. That said, a ton of those assignments over at ds106 would be awesome for K12, I don;t seen them as at all distinct, which for me is part of the cool element of ds106, it is no so specifically highered, it is more specifically create, create, create. And as for your catching up, never sweat it, you’re doing it because you ant to, which means you do what you want.

    Fine work!

  2. If it makes you feel any better, I started ds106 before it even actually started, got going strong, had to take a necessary “work was crazy and all my time was sucked away” break and now I’m diving back in. Let’s just decide that we don’t have to worry about catching up, just making sure we’re doing things we love. I’ve decided that rather than trying to get out every assignment that I’ve missed, I’m just finding inspiration in the submit assignment area and adding content whenever I can.

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